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JCP Electric Inc. is a local Tucson based electrician that has a team of highly skilled, highly qualified, certified electrical contractors. We serve homeowners and business owners. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality of service in Arizona, and we're equipped to handle a wide variety of electrical projects. We've worked hard to earn our reputation as reliable and competent electricians who put our customers first.

We love the Tucson community, and both a pleasure and a privilege to serve the residents of Tucson. We travel to homes, institutions, commercial properties, and industrial buildings in Oro Valley, Marana, Vail, Green Valley, Sahuarita, SaddleBrooke, and other part of Southern Arizona. If you're in the Tucson metropolitan area, just give us a call.

We are a full service electrical contractor specializing in installations and repairs. We're well versed in Southern Arizona's municipal electrical codes, and we guarantee that every job we tend to will be completed safely and perfectly.

read more › JCP Electric LLC has been serving the Metropolitan Tucson area. Specializing in residential electrical service work. We perform repairs, maintenance, modifications and additions to the electrical systems of existing buildings. We have maintained a reputation for service that is quick, efficient and courteous, all with competitive prices. You can be confident that JCP Electric LLC will perform to your satisfaction, treat you with respect. We wouldn't send someone to your house that we wouldn't have in ours.

read more › Ceiling fan installation can be a tricky job, and the smallest mistake can cause wobbling, ceiling damage, or even worse, an unsafe electrical condition. JCP Electric LLC insure that the job is done quickly and neatly. You can rest assured that everything will be up to electrical code. JCP Electric LLC has expert electricians who can advise you on where to install your new landscape lighting fixtures so that your home is professionally illuminated. Our electricians know exactly where to place landscape lights so that the architecture of the home is showcased, and there won't be any glares or bright lights annoying the neighbors, or you at night.

read more › Many people in Tucson think of 24 hour emergency electrician service and think, "It must be expensive." They think of doubled hourly rates and hefty added fees that are the stuff of urban legend and movies, like The Money Pit. Nothing could be further from the truth. We know that losing power in the middle of the night is awful. You'll wind up uncomfortably warm while you're trying to sleep, and you're in for a tough morning when you can't turn the coffee pot on. Don't wait until the morning to call for help - we'll fix the problem as soon as in arises.

read more › You flip a light switch. The light turns out. Looks like everything is in working order! Or is it? Most of the time, when you need to upgrade your electrical panel, your electricity will still work the way you expect it to. Sometimes, the need will be a little more obvious. If your breakers are constantly tripping and all the lights go out every time you plug in the vacuum cleaner, you'll know something's up with your breaker box. There are many ways to tell that you're overdue for an upgrade, but it's the less obvious ones that often go unnoticed for too long.

read more › It is common for homeowners and business owners to resort to the cheapest option when handling their properties. While it can be understood as practicality is always being considered, when safety comes into play, the cost is not the only thing to think through. Keeping the property electrically sound should be prioritized. Hiring an unlicensed electrician or a handyman to do the electrical remodeling of the property may cost less but is not recommended. It removes us a lot of burden when we don't have to think about the liability for anything unexpected to happen.

read more › Electrical repairs aren't something most Tucson area residents have any reason to plan for. Often, something goes wrong when someone least expects it. On occasion, a storm can come through and cause damage to a home, leading to electrical problems. JCP Electric is fully prepared to repair a whole host of electrical issues, no matter how or when they occur. Electrical panels work similarly to a puzzle. Without the right piece in the right place, nothing can function properly. If the wrong fuse was used or the right fuse stops functioning correctly, the wiring can melt or a fire can start.

read more › Do you need electrical wiring or re-wiring in your Tucson area home or commercial building? Don't make the mistake of believing a YouTube video can really teach you everything you need to know. There are plenty of DIY fixes that the average handyman can successfully accomplish solo, but electrical wiring is a little more complicated. A mistake can burn the house down, or even electrocute you. That's why you should call JCP Electric. Our certified and experienced electricians can wire or rewire your home without putting anything or anyone at risk.

read more › Homeowners and business owners know that Juan Carlos Pineda will give them an honest quote. Ceiling fan installation in Tucson, Arizona in a popular Electrical Upgrade. Ceiling fans and ceiling fan light kits are available in many different sizes, colors and price ranges. JCP Electric Inc. can provide quality fans and lights at competitive prices. They will also be installed properly so they don't wobble!

read more › Call 520-803-3108 for Tucson Arizona indoor lighting installation. JCP Electric Inc. can provide and install recessed kitchen lighting, wall sconces, and bathroom lighting. Why trust an unlicensed "handyman" to perform Electrical Upgrades and Electrical Services? With JCP Electric Inc. you get an experienced, licensed Tucson Arizona contractor. Our competitive bids include ALL electrical work will done in accordance with Arizona State building codes. All of the wiring for our indoor lighting installation services will be properly grounded.

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