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Electrical Licensed Electricians Enjoy greater comfort and safety at home with our expert electrical services. Plumbing Licensed Plumbers Plumbing problems are a thing of the past with TE Certified on the job! Cooling Licensed & Certified Beat the summer heat with TE's industry-leading air conditioning services. TE Certified Electrical, Plumbing, Heating & Air are Award Winning State Licensed Electricians, Plumbers, and Air Conditioning Repair experts.

We specialize in electrical, plumbing and heating & air conditioning repairs, installations, and service. If you need an electrician in Atlanta to repair your lights, outlets, breakers, or GFI devices, we are the electrical company to choose. Our electricians also install electric vehicle chargers, recessed lighting and flat-screen TVs, upgrade electrical panels, and add outlets and switches.

If you have a home inspection report or punch list, we can take care of that for you as well. If you have an air conditioner that is not working and need it fixed today, we can help!

read more › Our purpose is to make your home as comfortable and as safe as possible. This is why we work tirelessly fixing electrical, plumbing, and heating & air system problems. Whether we are repairing your hot water heater or installing an electric vehicle charger our goal is to help you enjoy your home to the fullest. We started the TE Certification Program as a way to ensure the highest standard in our company. Our company focuses on providing outstanding service and that service starts and ends with our technicians.

read more › We bring a distinctive combination of experienced knowledge and the latest technology to help diagnose and fix your electrical problems the right way in the Atlanta area, and in the first visit. Our experts will listen to all of your concerns, address them in a quick and skillful manner, and maybe even offer a few ideas along the way. TE Certified Electricians is committed to making homes all across the Atlanta area safe and functional. Our experienced and knowledgeable professionals work diligently to provide unrivaled electrical services and products, covering a wide range and scope of electrical and lighting needs, whether inside or outdoors.

read more › When your home suffers power loss or an electrical issue, you owe it to your family and self to make sure that it's repaired quickly and safely. The licensed professionals at TE Certified Electricians understand that electricity is the single most important component to your home's comfort, powering everything from your small kitchen appliances to your heating and cooling system. At TE, we're committed to your comfort and satisfaction, and making homes all across the Greater Atlanta area safe as well as functional.

read more › TE Certified Electricians installs Electric Vehicle Home Charging Stations in Atlanta. Choose a local Tesla recommended electrician to properly and safely install your Level 2 home charging station at your home or business. Many electric cars come equipped with chargers that work with typical 120V electrical receptacles. These chargers use less power so they will work on a basic circuit, but they take a much longer time to charge your electric vehicle than a "Quick Charging station." Even if your car comes with a low power charging option, you may want to consider using a dedicated 20 amp circuit to avoid tripping breakers or overloading circuits.

read more › Landscape lighting is decorative and functional lighting for your yard. There are two main types of lighting 120V and 12V. 12 volt or "low voltage" systems require a transformer to convert the 120V power from your home to 12 volts. 120V systems use the power directly from your home. There are many advantages and issues with both systems. The best system depends on your home and needs. TE Certified installs a full line of landscape lighting. Whether you want to create a beautiful evening oasis or just light your pathways, we can help.

read more › TE Certified installs whole house natural gas powered automatic transfer generators. These generators can power part or all of your home during an electrical outage. TE provides turnkey installation. This means we supply the generator, build the pad, install the gas lines, connect to your electrical system, and handle all the paperwork. Call us today for an onsite consultation and assessment. We can help pick the right generator set-up for your needs. Our company has years of experience installing generators, and we include our industry leading warranty for each install.

read more › These are things that most people don't think about until they have an electrical disaster. Let us inspect your entire home and check every electrical component for safety hazards. When our certified technician is done, he will give you a complete diagnostic of the condition of the electrical system and an estimate for completing any necessary repairs. Proper maintenance increases the life of your home's electrical system and prevents costly repairs and dangerous situations. Many homes we inspect have multiple code infractions and fire hazards.

read more › An electrical system is one of the most important and complex setups in your entire home. That's why, when you are installing a new appliance, adding a new outlet, or looking to perform any type of electrical service in your home, you want to trust a licensed and certified professional to do the job right. When TE Certified performs your home electrical installation, you can rest easy knowing that you're getting service that will last you for years to come. Our professionals will assess your home's power needs, run diagnostic tests, and create a custom installation that works best for your unique situation.

read more › When you're looking for a plumbing company near Roswell GA with over 9000 5 Star rated reviews who's equipped to respond quickly and professionally to plumbing problems in Atlanta look no further than TE Certified Plumbers. Everyone expects your home plumbing system to work on-demand. You never think about what could happen until you have a problem. When you have an issue it needs to be fixed fast and done professionally. The TE Certified Plumbers are the experts you call when you need plumbing help in your Roswell and Atlanta area home.

read more › When a part of your plumbing system begins to leak or fail timeliness can be the difference between an easy, less costly, repair and a major plumbing issue. TE Certified licensed plumbers understand this and the importance of a well-maintained system. Your hot water, bathroom facilities, and cooking capabilities all depend on a properly installed and maintained plumbing system. Our team of licensed plumbers are committed to your comfort and safety and will provide the highest quality installations, repairs, and maintenance in the Metro Atlanta Area.

read more › Our team of licensed plumbers understand the importance of choosing plumbing fixtures and equipment to best suit your home's unique needs. We'll provide you with options and never rush you to make a purchase. Whether you are replacing your garbage disposal or upgrading to a tankless water heater your TE Certified plumber will take the time to make sure you are happy with your plumbing installation. TE Certified Plumbers provide the highest quality workmanship and back it with a Lifetime Guarantee!

read more › Whether you're building a home from scratch, finishing out a basement, or supplying hot water to an outbuilding or a garage, we've got you covered. One of our TE Certified plumbers will meet with you and look over your existing plumbing system to assess the hot water needs for your situation. You'll be provided with multiple installation options for your natural gas, electric, or propane-supplied water heater. Can't remember the year you last replaced your water heater? It may be time to update.

read more › Tankless water heaters deliver unlimited hot water. Because there is no tank to deplete, you can say goodbye to cold showers forever. These small and space-saving units last twice as long as traditional water heaters and don't waste energy on heating water that won't be used. There is no tank to rust, leak, burst, or be ruined by sediment buildup and end up in a landfill. It's no wonder that they're fast becoming the new standard. Whole-house tankless water heaters supply unlimited hot water to every fixture in your home.

read more › The sewer line that carries waste away from your home to the municipal sewer is of paramount importance. This line needs to be clear, solid, and strong. Older lines were constructed of materials that were prone to failure, and will eventually need to be replaced. Oftentimes roots, ground settling, and other environmental factors can damage or destroy this line. We can offer options for either full replacements or spot repairs, allowing you to choose the option that best suits your particular situation.

read more › Whether it be for a home inspection when buying or selling, or you simply want to verify the current state of your plumbing system, TE Certified plumbers offer a thorough plumbing inspection process to ensure that your home's plumbing components are safe, functional, and meet with current code standards. Plumbing codes in the Atlanta area change frequently, our plumbers are aware of any changes that you may need to make to satisfy these requirements. If you're ready to have an experienced, licensed plumber look at your piping system, Schedule Now or call us at 770-667-6937.

read more › When you need complete heating, heat pump and cooling services you can count on, you need TE Certified. Our goal is to make your home as comfortable and safe as possible. This means providing certified HVAC repair, replacement, and maintenance services for your heating and AC systems, as well as indoor air quality solutions that protect the air you breathe. When our technicians service your Atlanta area heating and cooling system, you can expect professionalism and respectful behavior. We'll evaluate your comfort needs and make honest recommendations for the best service to meet your needs.

read more › While we don't mind coming out to fix your heating (it's what we do), we'd rather service your equipment before you need emergency repairs. As part of your seasonal tune-up, your HVAC technician will ensure all the parts of your heating system are clean and are operating properly at maximum efficiency. We'll identify and replace broken parts before they become a major problem. We'll recommend additional non-emergency replacements and upgrades that can help extend the life of your system. This gives you the information and time to think about what you want to do with your system before you're on the spot to make a decision.

read more › While we don't mind coming out to your house for dead-of-winter breakdowns (it's what we do), we love to help our customers avoid that scenario altogether. That's why we offer low-cost seasonal maintenance to help maximize your heating system's performance and reduce the likelihood of future repairs. Our HVAC technicians inspect all parts of your system and catch little problems before they become big ones. This saves you money, time, and stress! As part of our Winter Tune-Up for each unit, we replace the filter, identify parts that are close to wearing out or already on their last leg, test for gas and carbon monoxide leaks, and check all of the electronic and wiring components of your furnace or heat pump and switches.

read more › When you "crank up the heat" and nothing cranks, it's time to call a licensed residential HVAC tech. And we happen to know some of the best in the business! Our team of heating & cooling experts offers a variety of services to quickly and successfully help Atlanta homeowners. We also take care of seasonal maintenance, cleaning, and calibration of your heating system so you can stay warm, and worry-free, all winter long. We take care of all parts and equipment related to heating your home, including gas and electric heaters, heat pumps, and ductless mini-split systems.

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