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Lightstream was founded based on our belief that customer service and product quality go hand in hand. Our global network of vendors and suppliers, combined with our decades of experience and technological know-how, makes us a trusted partner for our clients and manage their projects WITHOUT any delays.

We pride ourselves on our ability to be responsive to the ever-changing lighting market through our vast network of industry experts and technologists - all to provide you with the latest products and technology to fit YOUR unique needs.Unlike our competitors, we are not chained to any particular supply chain/products and have the flexibility to leverage the latest technology and products to help you complete projects in creative and cost efficient way.

Our in-house technical and market experts will also offer valuable service and advice throughout the project lifecycle to ensure your satisfaction. In short, we are a new breed of lighting company. One that is dedicated to service as a part of the products that we offer.

read more › LED retrofits are an economical solution to upgrading your current lighting system. Retrofitting is simply the addition of new lighting technology onto existing equipment. Upgrading lamps or lighting fixtures with LED retrofits increases energy efficiency and decreases lighting pollution & carbon emissions. It is ideal for commercial and industrial properties that have a satisfactory lighting system and layout, but lack efficiency and performance. Older lighting systems that utilize metal halide, T12, T8, and T5s use outdated lighting technology that consume more energy, wattage, and maintenance.

read more › If you're a commercial company or business that's in the process of rebuilding your office or warehouse-or putting up a new office or offices-you'll need to invest in electrical build and new construction services. Part of the mandatory electrical process, electrical builds and new construction should always be done by a professional, certified electrician in Dallas Texas. Contact the pros at Lightstream today to learn more about our new construction electrical services.

read more › If you run a factory, or data center, a restaurant, or any business. You know that keeping the lights and equipment running can mean the difference between staying or going out of business. Most businesses cannot afford prolonged electrical systems and equipment downtimes. The good news is that Lightstream can help you reduce or eliminate un-planned costly system failures do to faulty electrical distribution and power systems. Keep your business up and running with a proactive electrical maintenance service agreement.

read more › If you're creative, hard-working, and are looking to make a difference, you might want to consider working with us. We're searching for the best and brightest, talented candidate. We are in a growth industry operating in an international environment; from a personal and career development perspective, there's great potential for people to work in our various businesses, to travel to different places and to experience different cultures.

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